Over the last few weeks it has really started to become very cold. We have had snow – which began in late November, yesterday it reached – 10 degrees celcius. Much colder than… Continue reading

Bergamo and Sirmione

L’s been bugging me for weeks to write this post so sorry if it’s a little late – When the time comes for a post about a trip, AND food – as it… Continue reading

Apple Pie

    I have to be honest and say I had forgotten all about this post until yesterday, when I was going through the photos on the camera. The apple pie has to… Continue reading

Punishments – Butter Cookies

  A few months ago, when I was trying to make the perfect Pear and Almond Tart I stumbled across Dorie Greenspan’s version. However when I searched through her books I stumbled across… Continue reading

Pizza – the food of Kings.

Ok ok ok.  We all know the drill. Flat piece of spongy dough  (sometimes helped along by some sort of wet filling, usually garlicky cheesey green snot) with mountains of greasy topping and inches of oozing… Continue reading

The Quince

A few weeks ago – at the beginning of real Autumn, I spotted some new season Quinces and snatched the last few up. For the last few weeks they have been sitting in… Continue reading

Our London Trip

6 months ago, a weekend trip to London was unthinkable. Even now that it is possible, it still amazes us. Of course the 3 days we were in London we went to the… Continue reading

Pear and Almond Tart

Although we made this recipe over 3 weeks ago, unfortunately we have only now been able to post it as with work, unpacking the apartment, a trip to london and visiting family we… Continue reading

The long initial absence, and the year of the Canary Coloured House.

20 days!?!?!?! Damn. In consolation for this long absence, after only 2 posts to our name, we have finally found a long term apartment lease – in a green suburb 20 minutes north… Continue reading

Garlic and Red Pepper Soup

Between searching for apartments and working, on this brisk Autumn day – we decided to make soup for dinner. Yesterday we bought a bright red table cloth and have had bright red soup… Continue reading