Chocolate Strawberries

  Spring is definitely on its way. The sun is now shining, the weather is warmer and of course now the appearance of strawberries in the supermarket,  there is hope of warmer weather… Continue reading

Crusty White Bread

  I am pleased to announce that I have taken the first step to mastering the art of making bread. I have tried and tried for weeks now until I finally have achieved… Continue reading

Carrot Cupcakes

  I have been wanting to make cupcakes ever since Valentine’s Day, when S gave me a great cupcake stand. I also had some sad carrots in the fridge and thought some carrot… Continue reading

Smoothie and Pikelet Brunch

  Ok so it’s a little late for a Sunday post, nevertheless, it might give you an idea for what to plan for next weekend. Pikelets are a staple of Australian life. Like… Continue reading

Apple Tart

  Valentine’s Day isn’t a big day in our house, we had a nice dinner, a bottle of champagne we brought home from our France trip and exchanged a few small gifts. Just… Continue reading


  Lately I have been craving bagels. Unfortunately you cannot get them here, and I really didn’t feel like waiting a week and ordering them from Foods From Home. Instead I browsed for… Continue reading

7 Veggie Mince

  Last weekend we bought 1 kg of lamb mince from the turkish shop. This is the only place in Hamburg where you can buy good lamb mince without it costing an arm… Continue reading

Stewed Apples

  Apples are really the only decent fruit available at the markets at the moment. Last weekend we went to Hamburg’s Fischmarkt and bought a 2.5kg bag of apples for 1 euro. This… Continue reading

Toblerone Mousse

  I love chocolate mousse.     I am a dessert fanatic. However, I am sure you all know that by now. When I think of making something – 99% of the time… Continue reading

Whole Salt Baked Sea Bass

  Now I’m no fan of fish. I mean, I’ll order it every now and again, and maybe cook it once every two months, but I’m definitely not the person to talk to… Continue reading