Yvette Van Boven’s Gingerbread Muffins

 After some absence, and a slight revamp of the blog –  I am back to share with you a recipe from Yvette Van Boven’s cookbook Home Made.

 There are certainly some perks with S working at a bookshop. Free proofs. We currently have books coming out of our ears – and I am looking forward to moving and putting them all on bookshelves. We have received many proofs from books not yet released, but I think this one is the best of them all – a cookbook! (of course I am going to love it).

Yvette Van Boven’s book is full of great recipes for everything homemade, ranging from breads to pickled mackerel. This cookbook I’m sure will be a great go-to, when I am stuck for something tasty and interesting to make. I would definitely recommend this one! One of my favourites is her gingerbread muffins – they shout spring with the lemon cream cheese icing, and will be perfect for many picnics to come.

The sun has been shining all week – and the few glances I have had of it between 2 jobs this week, has left me wanting to make Yvette’s pineapple granita and raspberry sorbet. Oh for summer…..